Political Contribution Charitable Fundraising
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More people may become involved in the political process:
  • Candidates may not have to fund their own campaign as most currently do.

  • More people may thus have the resources to run as candidates.

  • May develop groundwork towards fundraising for eventual political parties.

  • People are more likely to vote if they have contributed a hundred dollars.
    (even though it did not actually cost them anything)

Territorial Government
The territorial and community governments increasingly rely on charitable organizations to deliver youth, sports, and social programs.
This is a method to provide them core funding.

Fundraising has become more and more difficult for charities.
The same people are out there trying to raise enough funds.
And the same people still support them.

However this pool is getting ever smaller and burned out.

Apart from bringing several million in Federal Funding to local Northern communities,*
just think how much more effective volunteer time and energy could be if their focus
was shifted to the charity's mission instead of spending all their time and energy
increasing social problems running bingos, raffles (increasing the negative impacts of gambling)
and selling chocolate which none of us need or want (well those chocolate almonds are irresistable...)

Much better all the funds going to charity instead of only what is left after paying for the product.

* It would be simple for contributors to spread their contributions throughout the territories.
   Corporate, Trust, and larger contributors may be particularly interested in this feature.